David Johnston, Pipe Major / The Crossed Swords Pipes & Drums

I have to say that I am very proud of you and your band for the big effort but into the preparation of this wonderful show and the way it was executed to such a very high standard, please pass on my best wishes to them all. I also see that you are a multi talent playing so many different instruments and I truly believe with this diversity in musical skills you have been able to produce this very entertaining concert. You have an excellent team of people around you and I hope they stay together to grow stronger and keep presenting the great music to an ever increasing high standard, as this is the best way to educate the untrained ear of how it should sound. This only helps to promote our music in the right way and bring good people into the Pipe Band community.

I have already commented on the CD, but I would like to add a few things that I have noticed watching the DVD.

All in all, a very well presented DVD, which was professionally recorded in a lovely DVD sleeve and a must for the Christmas wish list this year!

Best regards


Pipe/Major David Johnston
Pipers Corner Shop


Jarrod Watts

I’ve just watched the DVD tonight – amazing!! And what a fantastic selection of tunes, it’s such a great program! I’d not heard MacPherson’s Lament before, and really liked the set of waltzes. The Games of Thrones theme was brilliant – really well done!

I really liked the reel set too – Mozart on the rampage is a winner! What a great tune. And I loved your guitar with Ian Green, that works so well.

You must have been really proud of the band for putting it all together, and doing such a fantastic job! I bet there were a few beers afterwards what a great achievement to put on such a brilliant show!! Great stuff!

I’m looking forward to watching it again! The percussion, backing music and arrangements were all brilliant, and it was such a good ‘pipe band’ sound. It would have been so good to be there!! Again, a big congratulations to you & everyone involved!